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My life verse: "He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release for the prisoners." Isaiah 61:b

I am. . .

Those two words have profoundly changed the direction 

of my life.

They are identity words.

They speak to the identity of the richness of who God is.

They speak to the journey to uncover all of who I am.

I am at the core a passionate follower of Jesus and desire all He has for me.

I am a woman with a mandate and longing to release identity in others.

I am adopted into the family of God and walk in that authority.

I am a social worker by profession.

I am caring and accepting and so looking forward to knowing you!

Just Breathe

  • Breathe in the hope of becoming.
  • Breathe in His Restoring Presence.
  • Breathe in the peace that created identity provides.

No striving in Identity

I tried to be all those Christian teachings.

I tried to teach Sunday School.

I tried to picket abortion clinics.

I tried the foreign mission field.

And I discovered it was such hard work and not very effective. Why? 

Because I wasn't designed for those assignments. I was striving in my own power under the burden of an assigned identity. 

Now I walk in the power of being my created identity. I'm resting in my assignment and destiny and the Presence of I am makes it happen.. 

Just be. . .

It is in your being that you accomplish purpose and destiny.

It isn't about what you do, but about the being you bring to the doing.

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