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You Aren't Who Others Say you are!

Posted on 21 September, 2019 at 17:35 Comments comments (25017)

Watching a documentary about chronic fatigue syndrome, I heard this statement:

“You can disappear because someone’s telling the wrong story about you.”

Wow – that brought tears to my eyes, sorrow to my heart and confusion to my mind. I have the awesome privilege of being invited into the depths of people’s emotional pain, journeying with them out from under the oppression pain can create.

At the core of my wor...

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Break the Power of a Submerged Identity

Posted on 13 May, 2019 at 11:05 Comments comments (54307)

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the concept of the frog who jumps into a pot of water thinking it is a safe place only to find that he is lulled as the water slowly heats up and he becomes the main course.

The American Church has been that frog. It has sat back, lulled into living out of one expression of the gospel and now finds itself threatened. The Church’s full identity has been submerged. A submerged identity gives its power to that which sent it hid...

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More of You, Less of Me

Posted on 22 August, 2017 at 15:35 Comments comments (10723)

“More of you and less of me.” I just heard that phrase in a Christian song. Kind of sounds good if you are trying to do the good Christian thing. I no longer try to do the good Christian thing. (Gasp!)

I no longer agree with that phrase. I have made a shift. I now think of that phrase a little differently. I began to wonder why, if I am “fearfully and wonderfully made,” something about me has to disappear. What about me has to become les...

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No Re-wear for Me!

Posted on 12 October, 2016 at 14:55 Comments comments (15272)

You may or may not know by now that I don't usually think the way other people think. I hear something and it gets my mind thinking in a totally different direction.  I don't often pay much attention to those award shows. The reason? I think movie stars are given more attention and power than they deserve and I grow weary of hearing, "Who are you wearing?" Who cares, really?

Then I heard Gayle King, (CBS) later remark that she had...

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