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Sacrifice positions you for Transformation

Long lasting change requires a sacrifice!

Name it and You Have Authority Over it!

Denial doesn't work!  Denial prevents you from gaining power over the experiences of life.

Don't Let Someones Behavior Rob you of Destiny

Don't agree with messages that diminish who you are! You have a purpose and a destiny!  Who you are brings your destiny to life.

What's Robbing You of Being You?

You have a unique identity that makes your purpose possible! 

Let's explore what gets in the way of you being you.

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Knowledge Brings Encounter

Once you know something, your are on the ledge of "now what?"

Nuggets of Thoughts:

  • Your God given potential lies in your authentic identity.
  • You carry Kingdom authority and the world needs what you carry!
  • What is the difference between nature and character?
  • Courage is standing by your heart.
  • Which structure are you basing your life on? The one you designed, or the one God intended for you?

Who were you Created to be?

Find the deep place of fulfillment.

Living on Purpose!

You want your life to have meaning. When you connect to and live out of who you are, you are reflecting what God wanted you to bring to earth. That has meaning behind it! You were born to change the world!

Purpose Before Planning

It is more important to discover purpose before making your plans. Get your plans in sync with your reason for being.

Choose: Fate or Destiny?

The situations you live through help inform core beliefs that guide you. If you live from beliefs formed of wounds or trauma, the path before you is "fate." When you connect to authentic identity, and live from there, your path is "destiny."

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