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Awaken - Arise - Align - Advance

AWAKEN - God knew you before you were born. He created you with everything you need to be you. The journey you experience within your family and community may not recognize nor nurture all that God has placed in you. Not to worry! That seed of intent of purpose has the touch of God upon it. Nothing can destroy it. We can overlook it; we can minimize its value; but it does not disappear.

The secret weapon of you is there, waiting for you with Holy Spirit to awaken it and bring it to life. All of who you are is important for the assignment before you. Don’t underestimate any aspect of you. Your sense of humor, your ability to see possibility and the quirky way you approach a project are just what is needed for your assignment.

ARISE – As the divine expression of you is unleashed and developed, you will feel a pull to the assignment for which that attribute was given. Feel the passion and skill intersect. Walk in that direction knowing that you have been set up for success in the endeavor of the King. Arise, allow Holy Spirit to direct and invade your being, and your assignment unfolds.

ALIGN – The supernatural connection between your being and the creator means the purposes, steps and strategy of heaven is at your disposal. This is how “your Kingdom come” works! You are the unique makeup of what God intends to dispense here on earth. You carry answers that our chaotic world needs. No fretting about what to do! Ask, listen, inquire, listen, follow the strategy given and see God’s plans for earth unfold through you.

ADVANCE – You are the secret weapon! You carry the strategy of heaven, not to bring harm, but to bring good. An intentional decision to accomplish purpose means you follow the plan of heaven and walk into your home, your neighborhood, community, city, state or nation and impact the territory. You come in the name of the King and establish righteous rule and order. You advance the Kingdom and occupy and align heaven and earth as God would have it!

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