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Break the Power of a Submerged Identity

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the concept of the frog who jumps into a pot of water thinking it is a safe place only to find that he is lulled as the water slowly heats up and he becomes the main course.

The American Church has been that frog. It has sat back, lulled into living out of one expression of the gospel and now finds itself threatened. The Church’s full identity has been submerged. A submerged identity gives its power to that which sent it hiding. Religion with its “acceptable” and defined expression has strangled the church and the power God gave it.

Remember learning to swim and feeling the anxiety connected to going under water? A submerged church (or believer) can’t breathe, can’t see well, can’t find its footing and is moved by the tides.

Break the power of that submerged identity!

The good news is there is still time! The church can awaken now, turn the tide of what has happened while it’s been submerged, gather both heavenly and earthly tribes and bring the full expression of who they are.

This is a Clarion Call! Each created individual has a unique expression of Father God! Each expression needed for this battle! I call you out from under religion, abuse, ridicule and disregard. I call forth and breathe life into the treasure of your authentic God created identity. Don’t minimize what you bring to the table.

You were made to walk on water – not be submerged by it.

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