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More of You, Less of Me

“More of you and less of me.” I just heard that phrase in a Christian song. Kind of sounds good if you are trying to do the good Christian thing. I no longer try to do the good Christian thing. (Gasp!)

I no longer agree with that phrase. I have made a shift. I now think of that phrase a little differently. I began to wonder why, if I am “fearfully and wonderfully made,” something about me has to disappear. What about me has to become less?

My conclusion: Because I was formed in my mother’s womb by the hand of God, the original idea of me, includes His supernatural touch. Those aspects of who I was created to be are awesome; amazing and fearfully and wonderfully made. What isn’t wonderful are the shifts that happened in my core possibility because of circumstances, assigned labels or things I have adopted about who I am. Those things have to decrease.

The religious church shames you into holy living leading you to think something about you isn’t worthy. I suggest that it would be much more like the heart of Jesus to help you vision what is available in you and through you as you express Kingdom with Jesus.

More of Jesus means that I work in tandem with Him. It means I have done the work of reconnecting to my authentic identity. And when I live from the place of authentic identity, which was created with His purpose, and collaborate with His leading and Presence to guide me, I have achieved, “more of you and less of me.”

I get to “be’ and not “do.” That gives me freedom!

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