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Not Judegment, but a Battle

I just read a post on another site in reference to the recent hurricanes. This person was suggesting that they were a judgement from God and that September would be a month of sorrows. I had to respond! This is what I think.

I do not believe the hurricanes are a judgement from God. I don't see Him through that lens. Neiher do I see the Jeremiah scripture you quoted as one of judgement.

Do I hear it is a September of Sorrows? Yes. However, sorrow because of the impact of war. Sorrow over the impact of the battle we are in for the destiny of our country. This season is one of battle, not condemnation. This season is a time of mercy for the United States. God has released mercy upon us through President Trump. The Presidents actions have stirred the swamp AND the heavens. The result is a backlash from the enemy and it is a call from God for his Remnant People to stand in BATTLE and take AUTHORITY over what the enemy is doing.

The framework through which you read scripture is what you hear. If you are reading scripture through an old structure and mindset of condemnation and not Kingdom authority taking ground, you will miss the battle call.

When I read Jeremiah 10:17-18 I hear it through the current times of war!

17 Gather up your wares from the land,

O inhabitant of the fortress!

18 For thus says the Lord:

“Behold, I will throw out at this time

The inhabitants of the land,

And will distress them,

That they may find it so.”

This is what I hear through the Kingdom Authority framework: As one who is standing in the fortress doing battle, I gather from the land what is mine, those things God has given me authority over as the enemy attempts to hold his ground, God is going to dislodge him. Keep in mind this battle is in the heavenlies and we on earth are experiencing the manifestation of the battle.

Let’s walk in Kingdom authority and take ground!

As a believer and child of the King, you have authority! Walk in your authentic identity and declare victory!

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