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Trump and Purpose

No matter what your political views of President Trump, he is a now example of authentic identity accomplishing purpose.Let me explain my thinking.

I am in agreement with those who state that Donald Trump has been appointed by God to disrupt corrupt structures in America. The current political structures have deep tentacles staked into all areas of our culture. They have grown strong using fear and they count on individual weaknesses and lack luster voices that accept what happens. We have politicians who are more interested in being re-elected than they care about how their decisions impact the direction of America.

Enter upon the scene a brash, "I don't care what you think" personality that makes most of us gasp. He challenges, has a thick skin and makes a stand without apologies. That kind of personality is exactly what is needed to shift things to better align with how God would see our world function. President Trumps authentic identity and his position of authority is being used to accomplish God's purposes.

It is possible that as I make that statement many of you bristle against the thought that America should be under God's Kingdom rule. I understand that. Here's the difference for me: I know God to be a loving, caring God of justice and mercy. I seldom agree with how He is presented in the mainline church. I totally allign my heart with the desire to live under God's Kingdom rule for I trust His heart more than any other.

I also state my life on the fact that each of us are created with purpose. Satan knows that. That is why there is such oppression, violence, religiosity, and corrupt behaviors - to keep you from knowing and living out of purpose designed in your identity! Satan knows that if you rise up, cast off the false identity assigned to you and walk out of who you are - he is done!

President Trump is living his destiny through his authentic identity and yielding authority! It is amazing to watch!

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