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You Aren't Who Others Say you are!

Watching a documentary about chronic fatigue syndrome, I heard this statement:

“You can disappear because someone’s telling the wrong story about you.”

Wow – that brought tears to my eyes, sorrow to my heart and confusion to my mind. I have the awesome privilege of being invited into the depths of people’s emotional pain, journeying with them out from under the oppression pain can create.

At the core of my work and belief is that we are created by a loving God with all we need to be the unique representation of Him, so that we can walk in purpose and destiny. Unfortunately, people around us aren’t typically good at recognizing the important aspects of who we are. Our specialness gets overlooked, denied, misnamed or ridiculed. Covered by “story.”

A parent tells a child, “don’t be so sensitive”, when sensitivity is part of God’s nature in him.

A teacher tells a student, “Do it this way, not that way”, when the creative approach of the child is part of God’s nature in him.

A boss tells an employee, “Don’t waste your time day dreaming”, when her visionary aspect is part of God’s nature in her.

And the person begins to disappear. And no one knows they went missing.

Daily I hear the cry of people who have been told, whether verbally or by abuse, and now believe, “You’re difficult to love,” “you’re a waste of my time”, “you don’t measure up.” When those stories are told about you, you become frantic to find the correct way to “be”, and usually deny the important aspects of who you are.

And the person begins to disappear. And no one knows they went missing.

Do you realize there is a battle over you? That the enemy of your soul does not want you to be you! The you that carries a unique representation of God! Because when you reconnect to that identity and walk out what God designed you to do – the enemy loses!

And do you realize that Jesus came not only to remind you of eternity, but to be the way through which you can be restored and reconnected to the authentic you! Jesus does not view you through those appropriated stories placed upon you – but through the beauty of who He knows you to be.

Jesus knows who you are more than you do. He longs to love you into being, because He knows deep inside, “You’re still here.” The you God created is not gone, just covered over by labels and stories. Jesus is waiting for the moment when you allow Him to clean you up, pick you up and set you on the path to you.

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